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  • Riverside Educational Article of the Month - How to kill a pigeon

How to kill a pigeon

How to kill a pigeon

How to kill a pigeon, there are probably a couple of hundred ways of killing Riverside pigeons, most of which revolve around poisoning some food and then giving it to the birds. One old method pigeon hunters used to capture birds was to take grain, soak it in something alcoholic and then get the birds drunk so they could not fly, once they could not fly you just had to grab them and chuck them in a bag, if you're capturing them to eat you would most likely wring the birds neck before putting it into the bag.

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One thing you have in your favor is that even so-called wild California pigeons rely pretty heavily on humans for their survival, we generally provide them with most of their food, a place to roost and a place to nest but of course because they are so reliant the things we provide them with are also there major weaknesses if we are trying to eradicate them. The first method of killing Riverside pigeons I was told about turned out to be an urban myth, it was that if you feed pigeons dry uncooked rice, if the pigeon eat enough of it supposedly it's stomach and gizzard would burst killing the bird. It doesn't work because stomachs are designed to expand and if they do become to full the bird would just throw up.

Another silly idea I was told that would kill California pigeons is to feed them Alka-Seltzer, the idea here of course is that the bird eats a piece of Alka-Seltzer tablet, gets into the bird stomach where it expands hugely into gas and the bird explodes. The people who come up with these rubbish ideas obviously have no idea how any animal actually works, if humans use Alka-Seltzer they burp the gas out, so do pigeons so the California bird is just going to have a big burp but no explosion.

You can use a high-powered air rifle to kill Riverside pigeons if they are indoors because if they are indoors they are considered a pest because of their droppings and the diseases they can carry, however it is actually illegal to shoot them outdoors. It is also illegal to poison the pigeons because in a lot of jurisdictions poisoning of any animal is considered to be animal cruelty. There is also the consideration with pigeons and all other California birds that after the animal dies it could be picked up and eaten by someone, yes humans do eat pigeons, or it might be picked up and eaten by your pet cat.

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